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Welcome to Ultra Aspire

Uep! Com anam?

Ultra Aspire is a Real Estate, Property Finder, and Relocation company, based on the Balearic island of Mallorca.


The company was founded by Gavin and Shereen, whose love affair with Mallorca culminated in their marriage in the beautiful area of Aucanada on the North-East coast of the island in 2014.

After permanently relocating to Mallorca in 2020 they set up Ultra Aspire to help others find their dream real estate.

Using their wealth of experience in the property, legal and sales sectors, the team at Ultra Aspire can help with every aspect of property purchase; ownership; investment; renovation; maintenance and ultimately resale or rental.

We can also assist and advise on all elements of your relocation.

Gavin’s background is as an entrepreneur and UK qualified property lawyer (Solicitor) and spent nearly 20 years working in that sector, including running his own law firm in England.

Shereen is an ex-professional dancer and founded and ran a successful ultra-high-end bridal boutique business in the UK.

They would be delighted to hear from you. Why don’t you send us a quick message…?

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